Plumbing Training Courses for the Unemployed: Enhancing Career Prospects in Donegal

plumbing training courses

Overview of Plumbing Training Courses In Ireland

Plumbing training courses allow individuals to learn the basics of plumbing and gain the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in the plumbing trade. These courses are designed to teach participants about water systems, plumbing materials and tools, and how to fix common plumbing issues. In this article, we will present some plumbing training courses for the unemployed and how they can enhance career prospects in Donegal.

Basic Plumbing for Women

DIY Plumbing: Empowering Women with Basic Plumbing Skills

Basic Plumbing for Women is a training program delivered in Inishowen and Northern Ireland. The program aims to encourage women to carry out DIY plumbing at home. The program has been successful in providing women with the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out basic plumbing tasks.

Plumbing for Schools

Transition Year Plumbing Course: Preparing Students for Plumbing Apprenticeships

Plumbing for Schools is a Transition Year and Leaving Cert Applied students training program. The program is designed to teach students about the plumbing trade and how to progress through an apprenticeship. The program uses the same weekly program as Basic Plumbing for Women but includes information on apprenticeships.

Personal Development Plumbing Workshop for Targeted Support

Vocational Training: Plumbing Workshop for the Unemployed

The Personal Development Plumbing Workshop for Targeted Support is a training program targeted at the unemployed. The program is based on two previous training cycles, Basic Plumbing for Women and Plumbing for Schools. The program has been greatly changed to take into account the feedback received from the students. It now includes more visual aids in the form of slides on a projector, as well as using the existing handouts and practical aspects. These training aids allow for more discussion within the training group.

Advancing Plumbing Training Courses – Proposed Training Update for 2023

The core plumbing program will remain the same, but the course has been altered to allow a broader overview of trades, how to progress through a plumbing apprenticeship, and how trades open doors to other careers. The course will also give participants a better knowledge of plumbing materials and tools, making them stronger candidates when competing for a plumbing job.

Effective Plumbing Training: Engaging Students for Maximum Learning

During the delivery of the six-week program in Scoil Mhuire in Buncrana in 2022, it became evident that the student’s learning styles, engagement levels, and expected learning outcomes were very different from that of adults who had previously attended the training. For this reason, the course has been tailored to engage the students more effectively. 

The biggest roadblock in the previous training cycle was a perceived lack of engagement from the students. After reviewing their feedback forms, it was discovered that they were engaging but may not have had the confidence to ask questions. This year, the training course will take place over six weeks, with each week covering a different topic related to plumbing. 

Course Curriculum: A Six-Week Journey Through Plumbing Basics and Beyond

Week 1:  Introduction to Plumbing Trade and Water Systems

  • Pre-course questionnaire to gauge learning outcomes
  • Overview of the plumbing trade and apprenticeship progression
  • Introduction to water systems, including hands-on experience with valves and feed tanks

Week 2: Practical Plumbing Training

  • Recap of water systems and review of plumbing materials
  • Practical training in cutting and joining pipes

Week 3: Fixing Common Plumbing Issues

  • Coverage of taps and toilet cisterns, including component overview and repair techniques
  • Use of tap and cistern manifolds to dismantle and repair parts

Week 4: Plumbing Knowledge for Groundwork

  • Draining and wastewater training, including inspection camera demonstration to identify blockages in pipes
  • Discussion of plumbing knowledge needed for groundwork on building sites

Week 5: Heating System Pipework and Electrical Components

  • Focus on heating system pipework and electrical components
  • Overview of electrical testing and hands-on experience with thermal imaging and ultrasonic leak detection machinery

Week 6: Progressing Through Plumbing Apprenticeships

  • Recap and assessment of previous weeks’ learning
  • Discussion of apprenticeship progression and career paths in plumbing trade
  • Short survey to evaluate achievement of training goals

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