power flush

What is a Power Flush?

A power flush is a cleaning process that removes sludge deposits from a heating system.
Over time sludge builds up in your radiator panels, underfloor heating, and your boiler. This thick black residue slowly decreases the efficiency of your heating system and, in extreme cases, can cause blockages and damage to your boiler.

How do you know you need a Power Flush?

  • Your system is taking longer to heat your home than it used to
  • There is an increase in your running oil costs
  • Radiators are cold in the middle and hot at the top
  • Some radiators are not heating at all
  • You are having a new boiler fitted

How do we perform a power flush?

  1. Disconnect your heating pump or a radiator.
  2. Seal the system,
  3. Use the power flush machine to pump around a water and chemical mix that breaks down all the sludge in your system
  4. Then we dump it out and give it a rinse with clean water.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the system is clean.
  6. Once the system water is running clean, we put in an inhibitor and refit your pump.